Monday, June 18, 2012

A Heartbreaking Father's Day

I watch them together. Her blonde hair swirling out around her pink goggles as she laughs and says, "Do it again, Daddy!!" He picks her up legs and arms flailing and tosses her with a splash into the pool. She comes up with a smile as she laughs!

My mind can't help but wonder. What if her wonderful fun-loving Daddy was gone?

We got the heartbreaking news of Mike's coworker's death. He was on his way home from his daughter's game when he saw the drunken pickup truck headed toward them - his daughter's side of the car. He swerved the car so the truck hit his side while he threw himself over his daughter; wrapping his arms around her - saving her life at the expense of his.

His wife and other daughter, following later, found him at the scene still holding her. 

Father's Day will never be the same to those two girls.

My heart screams "why?!" This man loved his family and his girls. It doesn't make sense that with such terrible father relationships rampant that a good daddy has to be taken.

I will not pretend it makes sense.

I know God is good - even in this - somehow.  He will hold those little girls and be everything they need. My heart cries for them. I can't imagine the loss, the pain.

All I can do is ask my Abba to be there for them tonight and hold them and tell them He loves them.

My heart is heavy in the dance...

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