About Me

I'm wife to a tall and handsome engineer who loves to ask "Why?" to most things in life. He loves to surprise me - little ways and big ways. This man is the only human being who truly knows me and accepts me: procrastination, creativity, and all. 

I'm mom to a spunky 9 year old 3rd grader who loves to read chapter books and play with her bunny Emmett. She believes it is necessary to object to most of her parents directions based on the principle that she could be right some day.

I'm mom to a curious 7 year old 1st grader who loves Legos, Star Wars (evidenced by his goldfish named Yoda), and inventing anything his little mind imagines. He will fall to a mushy puddle should you ever scratch his back. 

I'm also mom to a cuddly 5 year old preschooler/engineer who believes everything is to be studied and overcome with extreme patience and persistence - including his parents. Outside of playing with his cars and Legos, he can't think of anything of greater importance than keeping up with his two siblings. 

I'm also sister, daughter and friend to some very special people who live in a variety of places.

I'm learning:
- that my neverending flow of ideas and thoughts are to be written down
- that being a writer has nothing to do with being published 
- that being a mom and a writer are not conflicting ideas
- it's okay to write just a little now and wait for later. This - right now -  is simply a season.

Oh, and there's nothing that a good book and some Starbucks can't cure! 


  1. Hi Ruth, DANCING IN THE RAIN caught my eye, cos I had posted my testimony on my blog with that title. Sometimes it pays to dance in the rain. I felt so good linking up with you. Permit me to say in your own words "keep on dancing!"

  2. Ugochi! I love how a simple blog links believers from around the world!! I too have been a Proper Patricia. :) This phrase - Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's learning to Dance in the Rain - as a mom, there's a constant storm... :) as you know. I'm learning to dance in the rain, in the middle of the mess and chaos. Ann Voskamp, author, has helped me to learn to see those chaotic moments as holy moments - actually the only ones that matter!
    Let's keep on dancing!! God is so good!!

  3. Hello Ruth! I happened to stumble upon your blog after googling "I am in a christian long distance relationship" and generally wanting solid, biblical advice for this new adventure I'm embarking on.

    I'm in a long distance relationship with, funnily enough, a structural engineer. And also funnily enough, he's from Illinois (while I'm from California). After reading your love story, I am feeling so encouraged! This Saturday will be the first time I meet him. I know it's not conventional, but God's ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts. I'm just putting into action all those years of believing the Lord for a man of God that puts Him first and wants to build a solid relationship in Christ.

    After reading your love story, I then made my way to your blog. I am finding more and more of myself in you and it's refreshing, but also encouraging. You see, I am also a writer and it's frustrating at times to want to open up and write, but have that nagging feeling that you need to be published. That spoke volumes to me.

    Also, your political thoughts are much the same as mine. Thank you for your words, this blog, and your heart that is obviously poured into each well-written article. May God bless you and yours.

    ~ Tiffany

    1. Tiffany! Your comment came at the perfect time. :) Thank you for your reminder to my heart that my experiences and what God is doing in my life are not just for my benefit. He is about the big picture! It's not a waste to keep yourself for only one person nor is it a hopeless venture. :) I hope that as you get to know this man that you hear His gentle voice guiding you and reminding you that He loves you more than even this man does! :)

    2. I nearly forgot to come back here and reply! He came out to California for a little over a week and met a lot of my family. It was such a blessing! One thing I truly treasure about our relationship is the fact that we read the word together and we both pray - pray for his Spirit to guide us in all that we do and say. We have even made plans for me to go out to Illinois to meet his family this Thanksgiving.
      I'm so excited about where God is leading me and I thank you for reminding me of his precious love!
      I love when God-sent people come into your life and speak truth and life! Thank you for being an obedient woman of God!
      Sisters in the Lord indeed!
      ~ Tiffany

    3. Thanks for keeping me updated! I've been wondering how it all went for you. I'll be thinking of you over Thanksgiving and praying that God shows to you and those around you His plan for the both of you!
      Keep on dancing!!