Thursday, June 14, 2012

40 years and beyond!

Thanks to genetics, my little girl and I are yearly visitors to the eye doctor. As this year's appointment rolled around, we walked in and saw a sweet elderly couple waiting for their appointment. We sat down, found a fun book and looked at it together while we waited.

A few moments later, I overheard the following conversation...

Elderly wife - (loudly) There's magazines over here!
Elderly husband - (largely ignores her)
W - (a bit louder) There's MAGAZINES over here!
H - (loudly) What?!
W - (raising her voice a bit more) MAGAZINES!  There's MAGAZINES over here!!
H - (still louder) Why?
W - (holding firm her decibels) to READ that's WHY!
H - (evidently, finally understanding the conversation) What's your point?!!!

I tried to chuckle quietly to myself, thinking how they were quite possibly portraying Mike and me in 40 years. The more I thought about it, the harder I wanted to laugh! They were so cute together - when they weren't talking!

There he sat in the waiting room while his bride went in for her eye exam... waiting... while his eyes closed... but he loved her enough to be her protector, friend and companion. It would never occur to him to let her go by herself so he could do something else.

That's Mike. That's what he does for me even now. I love him so much! God willing, 40 years and beyond... I am going to enjoy every tear and chuckle and outright guffaw along the way!

Someday, I'm sure, when it's down to just us, I'll see a mom with a little girl reading a book together in a waiting room and it will remind me to offer a magazine to Mike... :)

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