Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What?! You want me to go where??

Do you know where Liberia is?

Could you point to a map and find it on the continent of Africa? (See I gave you a hint!)

Until a month ago, all I knew about Liberia was that it was a country in Africa somewhere.

Well, now I know a bunch more. Why the interest, you ask?

I'm going there. But it's in AFRICA! Yep. I'm aware. I'm still going. When God's after you about something, you don't just tell Him no without consequence. (think Jonah.)

I was sitting in church during the "most wonderful (er busiest) time of year" when they first mentioned the trip. "Calling all teachers past and present! Our sister church in Monrovia Liberia needs help educating their teachers."  That small Voice nudged me. You need to go. You need to as much as they need you. It was so quiet that the busy turkey and gift season soon drowned it out.

I was sitting in church in the quiet stillness post-holidays when the trip was mentioned again. This time, the Holy Spirit came in the form of my husband's elbow. This man doesn't suggest things that he hasn't thought through. He knows me so well. As I saw the calm of peace in those blue eyes, I knew that whatever fears I piled up in my own mind and heart were nothing God couldn't sort out.

And sort out, He is. Shots (I had none as a kid and need a BUNCH), the rainy season, clothing, culture, BUGS, SPIDERS, more BUGS... do you get the bug factor?? Yeah. Let's just say that when I went to camp, my dear mother sent me with a super-sized can of Raid and a giant flyswatter. I was the most popular girl in my cabin.

I even wanted to be a missionary. I went to Moody Bible Institute, made it out without my Mrs degree but instead a BA in Elementary Education. I wanted to throw wide the doors of my heart and go wherever God called - Korea? Germany? China? Spain?  Aaand I ended up in Arlington Heights, IL. Not the least bit missionary-like I know. But I did meet the man who gave me my Mrs. degree. :)

God's got a serious sense of humor. He's taking me (a teacher who hasn't taught in 10 years) to a country that has lots of bugs and other living conditions that freak me out to prove how great He is and how I'm not.

I'm beginning to understand... that's the point.

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  1. That is wonderful Ruth! :) Let us know the details when you know them.

    Shari Moore