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Favorite Recipes!

Awesome Homemade Creamer!  This recipe is so amazing - and BONUS - you know there is no junk or fake milk in it. :) I don't buy anything else now!

Laundry Soap 
I'd heard about making your own laundry soap, however, it sounded too pioneer-calico-conestoga wagon for me. :) Take it from me - you're budget will thank you!  It's like making bread in a bread
machine... it looks like you're  a serious homemaker - but you know the truth!  lol

Well - I was going to link to a really great website I found that helped me to understand a ton of stuff... but I can't find that needle in that interweb haystack anywhere. grrr.  I'll post it if I find it!

Cranberry Apple Cider    
:) Very very yummy!  I got the original recipe from a friend, but I altered it a bit.

Granola Mix
This recipe is circa 1978 courtesy of Make-A-Mix Cookery and thanks to my mom who made this for us growing up... and who gave me a copy of the book with the pages in protectors as a wedding gift! For me, making this smelled like memory lane - and winters as a kid growing up. Enjoy!!

Favorite Apps! 

Family Mgmt:
Grocery IQ -- free -- This app is wonderful for keeping multiple ongoing shopping lists. It also syncs to multiple devices and shares your lists. My favorite part is that it's connected to Coupons.com and whenever you type/scan the barcode of a product, if there is a coupon for that item - it will pop up as a possibility to select. When you select it, you can email yourself (or print from your device, if you have a AirPrinter) and print from your computer.

Dropbox -- free -- Since going from a Dell laptop to an iPad, thinking in documents/files has been undergoing some changes. This app helps in the crazy. From our desktop, I can place whole directories of files in Dropbox so I can access them from my device. My daily fav is accessing my Recipe directory. I have access to ALL my recipes instead of having to hunt one down in my recipe notebooks or searching for it on the desktop.

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