Sunday, June 24, 2012

God uses doorbells

The doorbell rings. As I go to the door, I catch a glimpse of a man in a dress shirt and tie with literature in his hand and messenger bag slung over his shoulder.

In my experience, Sunday afternoons in West Michigan are typically not the "door-to-door-I'm-selling-vaccums-or-cleaning-spray" visitor opportunities - of which I'm very thankful!

So I open the door, unsure of who this is and why he's here, and greet the older gentleman.

He tells me how he's in the neighborhood to invite us to a convention and hands me a pamphlet. My instincts tell me something is off and sure enough, there it is. On the back of the paper, I read "Jehovah's Witnesses" along with their web address.

I look up and he asks me if I enjoy discussing the Bible. I smile and say how much I love discussing the Bible. I tell him I went to Bible college. He asks where and I could tell he'd never heard of Moody Bible Institute. (I figured I'd at least give him the opportunity to run away... :) But - nope.

He asks if we would like to have him come back and discuss the Bible another time. I tell him that I need to go ask my husband. I leave the door open and go get Mike. As he walks up the stairs, I hand him the pamphlet backside first. He reads and instantly understands. The two greet each other and after some small talk, it is decided that we could meet one evening after the kids go to bed.

After the door closes and he walks down the driveway, both of us find that we are excited! It's thrilling to see this "random" doorbell ring as an act of God bringing him to our home. This man is so very lost - sincerely and genuinely deceived. Only God can make his blind eyes see the Truth - the only Truth - not the truth proclaimed by his organization but the Truth that can radically change a murderer to an apostle. What a privilege to give an answer for what Christ has done in us!

Pray for this man - Paul.  Pray that our words will be His words!

What a privilege to dance for Him!


  1. Most Jehovah's Witnesses are decent folk who are trapped in an oppressive cult like organization the Watchtower society.
    The Watchtower core dogma is Jesus 'invisible' return or second coming October 1914,this is a false doctrine.
    Matthew 7:15-16 "Be on the watch for the false prophets,who come to you in sheep's clothing....."
    God bless-Danny Haszard FMI- dannyhaszard(dot)com

  2. I agree, Danny. One of my highschool youth leaders was an ex-JW. He and his wife were vigilant for Truth urging us to know our Bibles. It was only when he shared his past with us that I understood. It was eye-opening the depth of control and the difficulty getting out.

    Pray for this man's eyes to open and see the Truth.

    Thank you for visiting!