Sunday, September 23, 2012

And the answer is...

Drumroll please......

I've had a few guesses as to the false statement in the previous post. 
David T. suggested that they were all true. :)
Ruth V. said - "I almost moved to an island in Alaska."
Kristin V. submitted - "I didn't get my license until I was 18."
Kathryn J. kept her submission secret but said she's sure of the answer. 

I'm sure you're all on pins and needles waiting for the answer. So without further ado...  

The one false statement is "I was homeschooled all my life." 

So that makes all the other ones true! (You might want to read through that list again...)

I doubt some of you will be shocked, but I was considered a serious dork back in the day. I was and still am a book-nerd. Words and the use or disuse of them is very important to me. I have a continuous grammar-check and spell-check going in my brain. Since having kids, it has calmed some, but every now and then my nerd-self has a flare-up. :) Writing and striving for the perfect blend of words to illustrate an idea in bold color make for more flare-ups. I think it's just who I am. 

It took long enough, but I'm finally okay with my nerdiness! I'm not cool - I'm just me. :)

The exercise of writing this list came from my recent journey of coming to terms with my life experiences. I'm sure there are, at the very least, several posts in there somewhere! Some are difficult, some are sweet, some heart-wrenching, some have long-term side-effects, some are the best things ever, some (like my hair in school pics) I'd rather never think about again... but sifting through each one has been good - hard - but in the end good. 

In fact, I'd highly recommend it. 

Make a list of facts about your life. Facts that some people may know or not know. Stuff maybe you've never said before. Compile it. Look at it. Read it. Those things make up who you are today. For better or worse. Look at it and see beyond those things the God of the universe who loves you.

God is not limited by your experiences. If He was, well let's just say He wouldn't be God. But since He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords - He's BIG enough to even orchestrate the events in your life to create the person you are now. Taking the pieces of yourself you don't like out of His tapestry would leave ugly gaps and spaces. He has designed you and even used your worst moments to show His power. 

Let God be God. We're not.
He has the ultimate right over your life - and He's better at it. :) 

So as you're "Carpe Diem-ing" and dancing in the rain... remember He's still working because He loves to take messed up people and show His glory! 

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