Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A little TLC

That's what I haven't done in awhile to this now very neglected place.

A little bit of time, a few 100 words or so, and some creativity... but alas. My poor little blog sits all by itself and you readers are ignored.

To reassure you, I have not been inhabiting a palm tree filled island drinking lemonade. (Although I did get to spend 3 days with my sister in Kansas City, MO - which at 105 is tropical enough for my tastes.)

Rather, I've been riding the wave that is Summer With 3 Kids.

You know... the one where you constantly feel the tug to do something fun, but your sensible side says, "But Wait! The house looks like a Tropical Storm passed through!!"  We have had a ton of fun doing a bunch of different things, balanced by the quick "hey guys, let's get the laundry put away before we go".

It just doesn't produce a whole lot of time to thoughtfully write. Though, I've probably written at least 2 posts in my head... they just haven't made their way here yet. :) I know... excuses, excuses, but honestly... it's true. At one point in an airport, I was in the very act of fleshing out a really cool idea when I got zapped by the Family Drama Monster and I never got back to completing it.

But, there was a BONUS silver-lining - I was finally able to finish some mending/sewing projects... and even reorganize my scrapbook space! Such an "aaahhh" feeling now when I walk into my office/craft space. I feel creative and inspired instead of defeated and dreading the unending list of projects never started - not to mention never completed.

For us, Fall and school have begun to finally sink in and puncture our current reality of going to bed with the sun. School supplies are sitting crisply in their appropriately labeled paper bags waiting for the appointed day. Backpacks stand ready to be worn. And my to do list is getting longer by the day with all the things I meant to do over the "immensely" long summer but in reality, like life, you blink and you miss it.

Michael just completed Kinder Camp - a "pre-jump" into the year so the kids can get acquainted with their new teacher and some classroom routines. I don't think this kid ever stops thinking. He's always processing something. Tonight at dinner, he asked me, "Mommy, does my teacher know about the Bible? I know he can't teach from it, but do you think he knows about the Bible and God?"  With his second mother interrupting me and trying to outvoice me, I said, "Sweetheart, why don't you ask him?" He responded with, "Can I bring my Bible to show him?"  Smiling, I said, "I'm sure your class would LOVE to see your cool Bible for show and tell." That satisfied him. :)

This year will stretch and pull and grow us all. It will pinch and be a pain at some points too, but I'm going to remember that a little TLC goes a long way... especially in this blog!

That's my summer dance coming to a close... :)

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