Saturday, December 3, 2011

Greatest Gift Ever!

The other day, my little girl looked up at me and asked, "Mommy, why did Jesus have to come as a baby?" My heart did a little jump. I live for these moments! I talk and teach, but I know it is only when she asks the questions that are on her heart that she truly learns.

The question comes from the child who knows the Story in detail and is a "know it all" rather like her mother was at her age. Instinctively, I knew there was more to this question than just her words. She is trying to mesh what she hears at school and what she hears at church and what she knows we believe.

So, I asked her what babies can do. We talked about how babies can do nothing for themselves and need their moms for their very life. I then asked her what Jesus can do. She smiled and told me how there isn't anything He can't do, that He said words and the earth began. I swallowed the lump in my throat as I was reminded again of His great sacrifice - leaving Heaven and ultimate power and glory for the dirt of our world, to have to have His diapers changed, to need His mother for His very sustenance.

As we talked, her blue eyes became thoughtful. She turned over in her mind the idea that He had everything and He gave it all up to be a baby. I asked her what happened when He grew up. She told me how He would become a man who would die on the cross for our sin. I cupped her face in my hands when I asked her why could He die for our sin but not anyone else? Her eyes grew large as she answered - because only He was perfect. He never ever sinned. Never disobeyed His mom. Never fought with His brother. I smiled.

She's understanding. She's putting it together. She's seeing beyond the Santa and Rudolph to the precious reality of the Greatest Gift Ever!

But she doesn't know that she's given her mommy the greatest gift ever - the privilege to speak answers to her questions and in the process remind myself that He gave up Heaven to save me. Me - the no good sinner who hated Him. Oh how He loves me!

My challenge today? To be still and remember His gift when the craziness swirls most.

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