Saturday, November 12, 2011

Women's Rights

The other day, I saw a link for Women for Obama shared by a friend on Facebook. At first, my reaction was one of curiosity, but as I read the transcript of his speech as well as watched a clip of it, I began to think.

Women’s Rights.  Equal Opportunity.  Freedom Riders.

All of these things – in and of themselves – I think are good. They try to overturn the wrong done to a lot of people. They are watchdogs of sorts to prevent these wrongs from occurring again. They commemorate the strides our culture has taken in giving everyone freedom – not withholding it from anyone.

I enjoy having the right to vote. I felt reassured when I worked fulltime that my pay was equal to that of a man in my position. I enjoyed the freedom to attend college and learn. My mind is of equal value to educate as that of a man. In this time and in this country, there is not much that I do not have access to – being a woman.

… you know there is a “however” coming soon, don’t you?

So as I listened to the President wax eloquently about powerful women and all the things they can do. How there was a woman presidential candidate. How there is a woman Secretary of State. How the current Speaker of the House is addressed as Madame Speaker. I began to be very uncomfortable with how far women have come.

Please do not misunderstand me. I am so very thankful for the suffragettes who marched decades before I was born so that I would be able to go to the polls and vote for presidents, governors, judges, mayors, senators and representatives. I’m also very thankful for the women who decided that it was worth fighting for the right to be educated. I love to learn and it would about kill me to be told – "You are a woman therefore you are of less importance when compared to a educating a man."

While I am thankful and enjoy all these freedoms, I wonder if women should be in these positions of national power.

I wonder if our nation has forgotten how special the role of a woman is to her home.

I believe that in every woman – whether she admits it to herself or not – is the desire to create a place for her husband and family that they are excited to call home. Nothing necessarily fancy, but home! Memories, stories, delicious smells coming from the oven, a soft hug to welcome home from school, a smile that reminds them that whatever day they’ve had – it’s still okay and they are okay because they are home.

There are a lot of homes in our communities that are hurting in a variety of ways, from a variety of things. I wonder... what if we as women were more concerned with our function as God sees us than with our rights as women – how different our nation would be.

In a very real sense, we are on the frontlines of a war. We are providing the foundation for our children to be strong adults who know what they believe and can live it out courageously in a nation that does what is right in its own eyes.

Women of America – Unite! 
God sees all we do for Him. Be encouraged!
Don’t be fooled into thinking you are less valuable because you place your family ahead of your rights. Superwomen are not real women!
Trust Him in our marriages, families, children and nation.
He is worth trusting!!!!

A few Ruthisms for you!

A woman’s home is to her nation as a greenhouse is to a garden.
Strong families = strong nation.

A woman is to her home as sunshine is to a plant.
The difference between life and death.

A woman is to man as jelly is to peanut butter.
Sweetness to his life!

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