Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Edition 2011

There are so many things welling up in my heart and mind and not nearly enough space to pour it out.  God is so very good, so very faithful. In His sovereignty, He gives and takes away. His name alone is worthy of praise! My darkest place of questioning is the backdrop for His quiet Voice to remind me He is enough.
  “As long as thanks is possible, then joy is always possible.” Ann Voskamp
I have learned much this year from the dear author above. Her book, One Thousand Gifts, has been ever challenging. It is the one book, aside from His Book, that I refer to again and again for a bit of perspective.  She challenges her reader to see even the hard things of life as gifts – gracious gifts from a gracious God.
 52 Gifts since last November
1. My little blue-eyed boy turns four! 2. Holding a gator in Florida with cousins 3. The pouring out of ministry 4. Trusting God to open blind eyes to see their need 5. My beautiful blue-eyed girl turns six! 6. The heartache of knowing my ministry is for Him alone not the praise of man 7. My little brown-eyed boy turns two! 8. The beauty of giant snowflakes at night  9. Laughing hysterically with Jr.High girls 10. The softening of the ground and promise of life 11. Learning again the joys of the Dangerous Journey – Pilgrims Progress 12. My father survives a massive heart attack and a quadruple bypass 13. An amazing week with my siblings amidst the uncertainty of dad’s health 14. The beauty of a husband who loves and protects his wife 15. The adventure of Garage-Sale Season! 16. Hearing God remind me of His love in the dark places 17. Mike driving a float in the Foolip Time Parade!! Our Neighborhood Spoof of Tulip Time  18. Chloe and Michael’s excitement for swim lessons 19. Rejoicing as Chloe begins her journey of knowing God! 20. Mike and Michael go see CARS 2 opening night! 21. Chloe and I enjoy a Girls Night – haircuts and Wendy’s! 22. Following Mike as he follows God to a different church 23. Celebrating 8 years of friendship and marriage! 24. Trusting God as our family transitions to the new church 25. Driving lessons for each of the kids out on Lake Michigan! 26. Campfires and sweet conversations alone 27. Marveling at God’s creativity and sense of humor at Binder Park Zoo! 28. Opportunities to listen and quietly share eternal Truth 29. Chloe’s first day of 1st Grade! 30. Michael’s first day of Preschool! 31. Alone time with my dimpled little 2 year old  32. The gift of learning God has given to each of them 33. The love of reading God has given to Chloe! 34. The gift of time to be home with them each day 35. Watching my scattered thoughts become words that fill white space 36. Discovering the fact that I’m a writer who was once a teacher 37. God’s gracious provision of a dynamic small group 38. The time to volunteer in our children’s schools and connect with their teachers 39. The challenge of Wednesday evening Men’s Group for Mike 40. Listening to Michael’s sweet understanding of God’s amazing sacrifice on his behalf 41. God busting my box wide open as I went on a Women’s Retreat where I knew not one person 42. Watching my little Michael “stunt-man” fly and be a superhero for his sister! 43. Jonny’s squishy little hands on my face each night as he says “Fanks (thanks) Mommy!” 44. Knowing with certainty that Chloe will be cuddled up on the couch with a book 45. Storing away all her little post-it notes that say “You’re the bast (best) Mommy ever!” 46. Picking Apples at our favorite orchard! 47. Making Sauce, Pies and Crisps 48. The rough hand of my best friend as we walk in the neighborhood on his birthday 49. Remembering the good as well as the hard times 50. The children’s uncontained joy when their daddy comes home each evening! 51. Choosing joy on a cloudy gray Michigan fall day 52. Seeing God’s amazing grace through it all!

As you go into this amazing time of remembering, make your own 52 List.
Happy Remembering & Happy Thanksgiving!

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