Saturday, October 1, 2011

Setting the Thermostat

Rest. Stillness. Quiet.
Those are typically not words that describe a home with a 6, 4, and 2 year old.

I've heard it said that a mom can be either the thermostat or the thermometer of the home. She can either set the temperature or react to the temperature of the home.

I want to be the thermostat not the thermometer. More often than not, however, I'm the thermometer - reacting; feeling the temperature sliding toward harried, frustrated, and irritable. Hungry kids, toy clutter and lateness in starting dinner all add up to... well... not nice things. 

I want to be the temp-setter. I want to set the temperature of our home to quiet, peaceful, and restful. Beginning dinner when I should, giving a fresh fruit snack to stave off the "hungry monster", and playing with the kids while helping to put toys away will contribute to a temperature of quiet, peaceful welcome to a daddy who has worked hard all day long.

The rub comes when I've had "a day" and dinner is not begun and the kids are hungry and not cooperating. That is when it is most difficult to make the choice to be a temp-setter not a reactor melting down. I haven't figured out a magic solution to this yet, but I do know that staying in the Word is critical to my flashpoint. Thinking about scripture, praying for those who God brings to mind, turning my irritations into gratitude, and praising Him for even the interruptions. These things are not a magic solution, but they turn my thoughts away from Me, My, and Mine to see His, Him, and all He is.

I cannot be about Me and about Him at the same time.

I'm sitting here at the Zeeland Recreation Center writing while Michael is in gymnastics and Chloe is in ballet. My time of solitude with no interruptions is quickly coming to a close. Each week, I look forward to this time to think and evaluate. This week, I'm pretty sure my grade would be in the D-F range regarding being a temp-setter.

My goal this week, with God's help, is to turn every part of me to be about His, Him, and who He is.
Join me? :)

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