Monday, September 26, 2011

19 years and still going strong!

I thank God for good friends!
Friends who hear with their heart, not just their ears.
Friends who love you enough to pray and listen.

Even though my dear friend is 1,000 miles away, our conversations never lag as we simply pick up where we left off. :)  I love that about her!

I love how my humor always strikes her as simply hilarious (even when it's rather lame!).

We somehow know what to not say when the other feels that God forgot about her.

I treasure the fact that we sometimes are simply silent on the phone - and it's okay.

We have changed tremendously in the 19 years we've known each other: the trials of waiting for God's guy, getting married, moving to different states, becoming moms to 6 kids collectively - 5 boys and 1 girl, the struggles of married life and continuously waiting on God as He does things in His time. And discovering through it all that He is unbelievably good and faithful in everything He does - despite our feelings.

God has seen fit to allow us to learn from each other -
even about things/ideas that could've been touchy landmines.

We've come to respect each others growth and love past differences.

God has given me many gifts today, however,
I'm thanking Him especially for Elisabeth Mohler Montez! 

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