Thursday, March 13, 2014

True Divergence

I'm in the middle of reading the Divergent Trilogy. 

The first book I couldn't get to the end fast enough. 

The middle one? Too much drama, lies, and relationship weirdness. It felt like the story waffled more than necessary.

The last one? I certainly am not dropping all of life just so I can read it - as I did with the first one. It feels like the author is in "wrap up loose ends" mode and "how many plot twists can we possibly toss in here?" I'm getting bored with it. 

Overall, the books feel dark and brooding. Gray, joyless, something bad is coming just around the corner, gotta grab a passionate kiss in the meantime so you don't get too far down - kinda feeling. 

There are interesting points that relate to the current political landscape. There are even references to our government history in the book and opinions from the characters point of view. I find those things funny. When a fictional character can directly make an opinion regarding my country's state of government and be mostly accurate... you can't help but be amused. 

While they are interesting, I don't share the conspiracy theory-type views that seem to be flowing just under the surface. Conspiracy theory and the related fear/suspicion only takes over a person who believes that no one but themselves is in control of their environment. A good God who orchestrates all things - even bad stuff - for His ultimate good plan denies the fear that conspiracy holds over your head. 

Then there are the obvious stereotypes of the Erudite, Dauntless, Amity, Abnegation and Candor. You'll probably need a vocabulary lesson but it's worth the understanding of each one. One of my favorite quotes is about how being Divergent is dangerous because they can't control or predict what you will do or think. 

This book series ultimately comes back to thinking and using your mind and making choices being well informed and wise. Not placing yourself in a certain "box" of beliefs simply because it is the "way" it's always been seen and done, but thinking it over for yourself and coming to a conclusion - being careful to separate "Blender Theology"... pick what you want and put it all together and whammo - your very own special blend of religion.

A Christian should be Divergent in the truest sense. We know Who has made us thirsty for knowledge, courage, peace, selflessness and truth. We of all beliefs can say this is our goal. To use our minds and embrace all of those things. Face our fears knowing the One who controls it all. We are more than just a catechism that defines us. We are more than just a stone tablet with 10 rules we have to follow. We have been given a history of faithful people who have lived in the midst of great difficulty and stood firm. We must do the same. Live and Love and THINK. Think beyond what your pastor has said. Read and wonder and ponder. Use each book as a window to see Truth. Toss out the junk. Ask the Spirit to open your eyes. 

Because Mr. Eckel is right. Everything is theology! Everywhere is Truth. Train your eyes and mind to see it. 

Even in this book series. I can see it. I will finish this book even though I'm less than impressed with it. I will be looking for every scrap of Truth because the Author of Truth is worth finding!

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