Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm Thankful For...

* LCL healed so that my knee can bend and I can wash the floor!
*A fridge jammed full of fresh fruits and veggies!!
*A sherbet mustached face that shouts, "Push me in the clouds, Mommy!"
*Having conversations like this:
(Me to Jonny) "Mornin' sweetheart!"
(Jonny to me) "Mornin' sweetheart Mommy!" A flood of kisses on his squishy cheeks follows... :)
*Having enough clothes that there is a huge clean pile unfolded on the counter. 
*My best friend, first and only love, and the only one who knows me besides my Creator - Mike :)
*Seeing the basement covered in pillows and blankets in the pursuit of the "Best Fort Ever!"
*The ability to see beyond the mess to the gift. (Thank you, God!)

That's my dance today!
How's yours going?

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