Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The gift that lasts a lifetime!

D (duh, duh) a (aah, aah) n (nuh, nuh)...

Okay, Michael. Put it all together!

He slowly sounds it out; putting the "an" sound together. Within 5 seconds, the pieces click in his mind and he looks up at me with a million dollar smile as he shouts DAN! 

There is no better gift I can give him than the gift of reading!

His preschool teacher has seen the signs of his readiness to read, but knowing how easy it is to push a good thing, I waited for his interest and initiative.

Well, he's got it in spades!

I felt bad, the poor kid. Each time he would ask to read with me, there was something urgent to do or complete. Today, however, he nearly jumped out of his skin in his excitement of hearing that we could sit together and read his special "library" book. :)

When he was confident in reading the word list, we started on the story...
Here's a short clip of him reading! The whole video I got was over 3 minutes... :)

That's my dance for today... and what a privilege it was too! :)

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