Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Dance - Thoughtless Words

"Mommy, I don't think I'm ready to go to school yet." he says as I'm tucking him into bed.

My heart sinks as I realize that my words have had an unintentional effect. Our school district here in Michigan has made Kindergarten an all-day every day program replacing the 2day/3day every other week program. As a mom, I cringe for the little Kindergarteners who will jump from a few days a week preschool programs to fulltime school. As a teacher, I cringe on behalf of those Kindergarten teachers who will have the Mt Everest job of adjusting 20+ tired 5 year olds to the classroom during September, October and November. Then again in January after the holidays!  The problem is that I'd been talking about my frustrations to other moms and friends and didn't think about the little pair of ears taking it all in.
Dr. Michael

I felt terrible. It is so easy to vent to friends and forget how much they internalize what I say. Quietly, I ask God to forgive my thoughtless words and help me regain lost ground.

His wide blue eyes are inches from my face as he leans down from his loft bed to give me a hug. I hug him tight as I reassure him that after the summer, he'll be so excited to go to "all-day" school.

He looks at me doubtfully.

I smile and tell him that he will have so much fun in Kindergarten learning and playing and counting and writing and even reading! He smiles but then it fades.

I launch a preemptive strike and ask a familiar question - Who made you?  He is quick to respond - God did!  I ask - Who made your mind?  Again he says - God did!!  I look intently into those precious eyes of his and use his famous phrase "Didja know" that when you use your mind to learn that it makes God very happy? He made us to glorify Him. He loves it when we use what He has given us to show how He made us. Your mind is amazing, my dear little boy. Use it to learn and show how God made you!

He finally relaxes and his smile spreads until it covers his face.

Really, Mommy? God loves it when I learn?
Yes, sweetheart! He loves you so very much. Michael, didja know what?! 
What, Mommy?! 
When you play, that's part of how you learn!!
Really, Mommy?! 
Yep! That's how God made kids to learn.
Okay, Mommy. Night, Mommy!
Love you, Michael.
You too, Mommy.

That was part of my dance this week... how was yours?!

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