Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Story!

Today, I have the privilege of being a guest blogger 
I'll be sharing in a 2 part series the story of how we met 
and learned each other through 
the challenges of a long distance relationship! 
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she connects with women: single or married! 

As a bit of disclosure, we did not write this story – God did. He has no relationship cookie-cutter or mold. He makes a new mold for every match He’s ever made. If you doubt me, just read your copy of His Word! I love His creativity!

Relationships are complicated. Period. They are even more so when the two people haven’t been radically changed by Jesus. I say this not to discourage you because of the current “real man” shortage, but to encourage you to wait for God’s man for you. While you wait for God’s choice, work at becoming God’s woman – in every area of your life. There are lots of great books and Bible Studies on this topic. Grab some girlfriends and enjoy time together studying the Word!

Our Story!

Mike and I both grew up in Christian families. However, we each came from very unique family dynamics. He went to Christian schools until college, and I was largely homeschooled (read: lived under a rock) until I went to college. He studied Engineering and I studied Education. While away at college defending his beliefs to his roommates, Mike discovered a scary truth - his faith wasn’t really his own. He began to search and dig deep and in the process he learned what a genuine Christ-follower’s life looks like. Not shiny perfect on the outside, but one where God is continually working and changing him to be more like Jesus.

I, on the other hand, learned as a 10 year old pastor’s daughter in Awana that my goody-two-shoes life wasn’t going to cut it with God. I could fool most people but not Him. My sin, though not drastic as some, was still offensive in God’s eyes and could not be covered by me but only by what Jesus already did for me. I am so grateful to say that He has not stopped changing me since.

link here for the rest of the article at Triple Braided Life! 


  1. I found your blog via the mention over at Triple Braided Life on Facebook :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  2. :) Thanks Heather! Enjoy some ocean breezes for me!!