Monday, October 17, 2011


Letters and sounds have innate meaning.
However, meaning is subject to the hearer.

That meaning can be negated or validated based on the hearer’s knowledge of the speaker.
What do I know about her? 
Is he malicious in nature?
Does she look for ways to hurt others?
Was he intending for my feelings to be hurt?
Do I believe her to be capable of saying something like this?

The intent of the speaker can negate the kind words spoken, just as the words spoken can negate the speaker’s kind intent.

Intent vs. Words

It is a struggle to believe the best and hear good things instead of taking offense at the way it was spoken.  It is also a struggle to hear beyond the words spoken and rest in the kind intent of the speaker.

My Intent vs. My Words

My intent of my previous post was to create a contrast of my heart and attitude in comparison to my husband. My words negated my intent. They called into question the character of a good man.

I am deeply sorry.  I ask forgiveness from those who read my words and believed my intent was to harm this man.

I also ask forgiveness from the man himself.  
Thank you for believing my intent instead of my words.

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