Monday, August 29, 2011

The Scariest Moment of My Life

I turned around in the zoo today and could not find Jonny - anywhere. I tried to walk calmly back the way we came but broke out into a run. My pulse racing and my mind darting with bits and pieces of prayers, mostly "Oh God! Please!" was all I could muster. After searching the crowd around the stingrays and the frog exhibit, I ran back to where Mike's mom was searching near the bird feeding stand and saw her upraised hands and realized that we had absolutely no idea where he was and, scarier still, that there were numerous places he could've gone and we wouldn't immediately see him. I sprinted past the birds and around to the petting barn frantically glancing, praying to see a little blonde head with an orange Dads Rule shirt looking at some little bug he'd found. My eyes began to blur as I raced into the bark-padded area of lemurs and wallabys and almost ran over a Zoo Staff member who recognized the crazed look on my face and asked simply what my child looked like and what he was wearing. She radioed immediately and requested that I stay there with her. It was almost more than I could do - stand still and wait while my child's whereabouts is unknown and could be at that moment tearing down the ramp by the eagles - with only a small jog to the entrance of the zoo and then parking lot. "God! Please help me!" Almost immediately, her radio crackled with another staff member asking if he had blonde hair... she'd found him. Praise God! It was all I could do to keep control when I wanted to push everyone out of the way and grab my little boy. He was just outside of the wallaby exhibit where I was standing. He was looking at the eagles - then I remembered how fascinated he'd been when we'd walked past it earlier. He'd chanted "bald eagle" and "excited" over and over. When I finally saw him, he ran to me joyfully - no tears. I clutched his soft little body and kissed him over and over, praising my Father for protecting him and helping me.

Thank you God for intuitive Zoo Staff Members. Thank you God for loving me enough to teach me how much You love me. Your love is far greater than my mother's love for my son.
You are good - all the time!

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  1. Oh Ruth!!! This spring we lost Elliot in the GR children's museum during Spring Break!!!! I thought I was going to have a heart attack!! Goofy kid wondered into the town area and we were in the Farm area....Glad Johnny was unphased! And hope your pulse has returned to normal!