Saturday, March 26, 2011

Little Boys

 Here are my two little men. :)  Michael found me and asked if I had any train cars for him to ride. After pondering his request, I remembered a stash of diaper boxes scattered all over the house for various reasons.
Once put in line together, you have an "insta-train" and two very happy little boys!
 In this picture, they are choo-chooing and discovering that their train is now broken - much to Michael's delight. He ran downstairs and retrieved his DeWalt toolbox from Grandpa and got right to work! 
His daddy and grandpa would be proud! :)
 Once the train car was fixed to his satisfaction, he flipped it right-side up and reconnected it with much grunting back to the train. The caboose was, however, still chugging during this whole time. :) 
Then tools had to find a spot - "Just in case, Mommy!" - so he could fix any future breakdowns.

I love my little boys!

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  1. I love it...reminds me of a time in a distant past where 2 little boys did a train thing of a different nature...and a but more clean-up...!!!